Using Tecco Toys’ resin printer I experimented a little with 3D-printing. I tried printing usefull objects like spare parts or custom made mounts. But I soon found out that the material I used is not tough enough for most “real world” applications.

Toy Bricks

As a very first test I made some bootleg toy bricks. I believe they still exist somewhere in the depths of the toy boxes but they never worked as well as the real thing.

Bicycle Light Mount

With a relatively tough material I printed this mount for my bicycle lamp. It worked pretty well and looked nice until it broke to pieces. After that I updated the design twice trying to make it simpler and tougher and reduce the stress on the parts. Those also broke after a few weeks so I gave up and used a metal clamp instead.

Game character from
Heaven’s Hope

This fellow is a character from a point and click adventure game called Heaven’s Hope. I modeled and animated some of the characters for the game back in 2015.

As a birthday present for the character designer Helge C. Balzer I printed the character (who is some kind of candle homunculus in the game) as a tealight holder.

Find out more about the game from the creators:
Myriel Balzer on Heaven’s Hope

Stag Beetle

Headphone Fix

Tecco Toys

Upcoming toy brand Tecco Toys creates way more sophisticated prints and products than me. Visit them at www.TECCOTOYS.com or watch my little animations of their mechs.

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